Ping to a different Pi via NodeRED

I`m looking for a way to get two pis to ping to each other via ethernet cable, I was wondering what node I would use for this exactly? :slight_smile:

Any help would be much appreciated

Have you tried searching the flow library for 'ping'?

I have done however isnt the ping node to check to a server and not to a rasp pi connected via ethernet?

Ping can be used to check another device on the network.

A Raspberry Pi connected via ethernet is another device on the network that you can ping.

Or do you mean something else?

Thats correct, however when I select ping node it asks for a target, Ive been having trouble trying to find what the target is and also when Im looking for where a port is connected on Pi generally? Any ideas where to start?

You need to know the IP address of the Pi you want to ping.

If you have directly connected two Pis with an ethernet cable how have you configured their network?

Pi should also use mdns - so as long as they have different hostnames (?) then you can try manually first ping raspberrypi1 or whatever you have set the hostname to - or ping raspberrypi1.local - and see if they work.

(Or use sudo raspi-config to set the hostnames first)

Thank you for your help here - so Im struggling as to how to config the network exactly- I cant seem to find anything online about it - I`ve given both pis new hostnames - just need them talking now

Explain exactly how the devices are connected to each other and to the rest of your network please. Are the two devices connected to each other by ethernet with no connection to anything else, such as a router for example?

On each device open a terminal and run ifconfig and post the output here. Use the </> button and paste it in. Don't forget to answer the questions above though.

If you want to connect twp Pi's directly to each other you will need a crossover cable NOT a normal ethernet cable!

The pi’s ethernet port is auto sensing so it doesn’t matter which cable you use

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Cheers Paul, I just downgraded my network knowledge :slight_smile:


I believe that also applies to virtually any modern ethernet interface.

@Colin - That's my understanding too, but since this was Pi to Pi I wanted to point to a Pi reference about it. :grin:

I wasn't suggesting there was anything wrong with the link, just adding further information, in case anyone thought this was a Pi specific feature.

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