First Project TypeError

Hi there. I have a little problem. I've created a small project (see picture). I can connect to the created server from another client, but I don't get any usefull data but an error message. I'm new to all of this, so I would appreciate your help.

Pls give us more details.what Is in your function?

This is just a "return msg"-function to send the node-id's to the server.

I don't know, if you need any more detail, but the "Write"-Node gets highlighted, when I hover above the error-messages. So maybe this node is part of the problem.

I could provide the flow.json if that helps.

You should edit the title of this thread to indicate the issue and attract the guys familiar with the opcua nodes. Something like "getting typeError from OPC UA write node"

Additionally, you should add debug nodes before the write node and supply screenshots/textual copies of the msg content for potential helpers to see what's going into the write node.

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