FlexDash OK/Cancel Dialogue Input

Searched everywhere, but could not locate how to get something equivalent to OK/Cancel Dialogue available in NR-Dashboard in FlexDash
custom widget library also does not have anything similar. (or may be i dont quite understand)

2 buttons dropped into a solid panel??



Yup, it's an area needing improvement, but you can make it work already.
You can have a panel as Paul suggests. You can furthermore put that panel into a pop-up grid and you can make that grid pop-up only for a specific client (using msg._fd_socket). That gets you a pop-up OK/Cancel.

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Solid Panel worked for me, however, i want the dialog box appear when an event happens, for which popup panel is the right choice, could not get the popup to work though, the example shows how to 'trigger' a popup on a button press, but when i send any 'message' in to the widget it (popup) does not get activated. how do i activate a popup upon sending a message say a boolean true?

I select an email id from a dropdown box, and it gives me a msg.payload, I want then the flow to ask a question in a popup do you want to send an email to the selected ID, then if yes...or no....i can chose to send the mail or not.

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Hmm, I should have a demo flow for this... :roll_eyes: :cry:

The help for the FD ctrl node has a description:

Input messages (Node-RED->FlexDash)

Input messages must have a msg.action field and must target a component using one of msg.tab, msg.grid, or msg.panel.

The target value is used to find a matching node ID, node name, node title, or (for tabs) icon; all in that order. (Using the node ID is recommended and all FlexDash config nodes show their ID in the flow editor edit panel.)

The msg._fd_socket is supported for open/close (but not edit) to target individual clients.

The set of actions is:

  • open: open the tab or grid targeted by msg.topic.
  • close: close the grid targeted by msg.topic.
  • edit: edit the targeted component, setting one or multiple properties to the corresponding values in msg. Supports tabs, grids, and panels.

Note that open/close affect only the current state of browsers, nothing is persisted.
Edit actions modify the state in Node-RED memory and thus affect future clients (these changes are lost when the affected config nodes are redeployed orwhen Node-RED is restarted).

I used a change node to set the value for one of my use-cases:

You can find the grid's Node-ID in its edit panel (or can use the name/title as described). I hope this makes it work for you, if not, please post your flow.

Got it to working. Finally. No Problem with the Docs. my understanding is far inferior.
Yes, a working example will make it very easy, BUT, this way i will learn and remember. :wink:

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