Fd_children error


I have a perfectly working setup where i call in a popup grid for a ok/cancel sort of dialogue. i just copied the whole setup to another tab with similar requirement, and changed the connected tab / grid /node id etc. but i am unable to get the popup panel working . the first one is still working. and i get the above message when tried to trigger the panel.
what am i doing wrong ?

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Those messages are not very meaningful, I should have removed them. It's part of the stuff I'm trying to get rid of by moving all the editing into the flow-editor. I believe those messages are only shown when you deploy and not when you try to trigger the pop-up.

Did you change the association of the FD ctrl node you use to trigger the pop-up? That would be my guess. Also, check in the flexdash-tab to make sure the pop-up grid is shown in the "contents" tab.

If it still doesn't work, also check the console in the browser for error messages.

What all did you copy? I don't think I've done something like that, so it's possible there is a bug.

Yes, realised that after posting.

I am not sure i understand the question. but i am using the same fd-ctrl node for both triggers, i have linked with link in/link out node from different tab.

I have now worked around and using only one set of widgets to be triggered (which was working fine).

if you still require, i can simplify the flow and try to reproduce the error and share the flow, for now i am happy.

Sorry, my fault, I had forgotten how I had implemented this :laughing: :upside_down_face:

I should have written: make sure that you have the correct msg.grid value in both cases.

BTW, there's no real benefit in reusing one FD-ctrl node. You can use a second one and it doesn't "cost extra". Of course if you like/understand your flow better with the reuse, then that's fine too.

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