Floorplan with svg

firs.pdf (5.4 KB)
Hi to all, i try to do an floorplan with svg editor, but after hours of deleting triangle...

...I get tired....
Someone know how to do an floorplan like in pdf file... at least, I will like it 3d. I got only filled with background dashboard color.


Best to use a proper graphics tool with SVG output.

HI thanks for answer, can you suggest one?

Inkscape is a popular graphic design tool, give it a whirl

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HI, thanks, I will try

it works...thanks

I'm using myself Floorplanner for making a floorplan.
You can export it (after paying a small fee) in 2 or 3d.

If you want to go 3d, you can use the free version of Sketchup. I used that a few years ago to work up some redesigns of part of the house to see if they would be feasible.

Since the advent of low-cost 3d printing, there are probably a bunch of other free or low-cost 3d modellers out there as well. And if you wanted to invest the learning time, you could always use the Unity game engine designer. :rofl:

Hi, yes nice thing in 3d...i will try

o yeah... spent time on learning... on this project i suppose to learn everything... autocad, svg, html, css, functions...and definitely its not finish here, how knows what came up next on page... :sweat_smile:
thanks to all for info :+1: :+1:

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