Flow Context is not available in Node Red Test Helper

Hey y'all,

I have a problem:

I implemented some custom nodes, which are basically amqp clients with additional business logic.
One function is the following: (input node) Save a value of a header field into the context of the flow the node resides in and (output node) plug it back into the header fields of the outgoing messages.

Now, on a real instance of node red (v1.0.3) running on local host this works perfectly.

But when it comes to testing - i loaded the nodes in a simple test flow with node-red-test-helper - the node.context() just shows global and node context, giving me an "undefined" when trying to set or get something in or out of the flow context. Any suggestions why this is the case? Has anybody experienced a similar behavior?

I think it's simply because none of the core nodes accesses node context directly, so we didn't write any tests that require that functionality, so the test-helper doesn't support it.

First of all, thanks for your reply! What I am still wondering about, is, if you did not implement it at all, why can I access the nodes context() and the global context() (see screenshot)?