Flow context not being saved over NR restarts

I've got this in my settings.js

     /** Context Storage
      * The following property can be used to enable context storage. The configuration
      * provided here will enable file-based context that flushes to disk every 30 seconds.
      * Refer to the documentation for further options: https://nodered.org/docs/api/context/
     contextStorage: {
         default: {

but I'm losing the values of my flow context variables when I re-start NR

How do I go about debugging what the issue is?
NR running on Win11

How is Node-RED restarting? e.g. is it shutting down gracefully or failing due to a out of memory error or similar?

Also not the entry in the docs:

it caches the values in memory and only writes them out to the file-system every 30 seconds.

#PEBKAC issue

I hadn't edited the right settings.js file!


I think I need to go and have a lie-down :slight_smile:



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