Missing flow. variables

While I have quite a few, flow variables disappeared.
Version 2.0.6;


Am I doing something wrong? I haven't really changed anything node red wise in the last couple of months just updated it continuously.
Today I enabled context storage in the settings, but they were already gone before this so really i have no idea what's happening.
Thank you in advance for any input.

If you hadn't previously enabled context storage then the values were only ever held in memory. Each time you restart Node-RED they would be lost.

Beyond that, there is not much more we can say without more information on what you are expecting to see and what you are doing with flow context.

@knolleary , is there a reason why context storage isn't enabled by default?

Because originally context didn't have any storage option - so to change it to persistent by default would be a breaking change in behaviour. That's something we'd only contemplate on a major version change - and it didn't come up as something to consider for 2.0.

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Thanks for the explanation!

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