Flow control (or debug window control) - feature request


Sorry if this is already in the works or already implemented. I can't see it.

Given NR is so popular and can be used for so many things, I have found that when I am doing things, I group a class of task onto a flow.

To explain:
If I am doing a building control project I would have flows.
A flow for electricity - to say.
A flow for water - again as an example
A flow for Air conditioning....

You get the idea.

I appreciate this will need a "second machine" but indulge me:
Something that may be nice is a way that you can disable ALL OTHER FLOWS (or stopping any other flow's data being shown on the debug window at this time) than this one.

Obviously not on THE system, but as the developer, you are wanting to add something.

While making a new flow with given limits, it is sometimes disruptive to have all the other flows running and getting messages in the debug window.

You are working on "this flow" and all that other stuff is distracting.

Being able to limit what is shown in the debug window (quick and easy switching on/off) would be nice.

So you can work on getting the kinks out of this and no errors or what ever. Be happy, then turn on all the other stuff and watch what happens.


Can't you just disable the flows you don't want to deal at that moment using the Status switch?


That is true and that was how it originally was posted.

And I am sorry for being lazy in not expanding on the idea better other than how I hinted at in the post.

If you disable all the other flows, the BIGGER thing may not work.

If you can disable the debug outputs from other flows but keep them active, that may be better in that things will work but you only see things from THIS flow it would help debugging because there may be legitimate reasons messages are happening but not needed to check the progress of the new work.

Is that clearer?


You can already filter the debug view to only show messages coming from the current flow.


You can also filter it to a selected set of Debug nodes.


Ok. I am good at shooting myself in the foot.

Sorry. Greatest apologies.


Well, on following that idea, I seem to be missing something.

I go and set it to SELECTED NODES - going whole hog with what is can do.

It doesn't.

I get flooded with stuff from all different nodes. Making it difficult to filter what is coming from the selected node.

Oh, on that:
How is the "Selected node" selected? Before picking that option or after?
Because when I select that option it opens a drop down menu which is not intuitive to me at this point.


Your interpretation of what the 'selected nodes' option is entirely reasonable to have made - unfortunately it isn't right.

The 'selected nodes' option shows a list of all debug nodes in which you can then select which you want to view in the sidebar. It does not mean the nodes you have selected in the workspace.

We should look at how to avoid that potential for misinterpreting the option.


"Select nodes" ? Rather than selected ?


Well, ok, I can accept that.... However..... (Sorry)

Looking at the picture, you can see I am working on "TEMP".
When I open the "Selected nodes" it is showing me the SHUTDOWN flow.

To me (calling it for what it is) this is confusing, as to what it means.

If I am looking at TEMP, then I would expect to see TEMP as the one in the list.


It is showing you a list of all debug nodes, organised by the flow they are on. Scroll down the list to find the flow you currently have open.


Ok, but I am only mentioning that when I use it - being a novice - it isn't intuitive.
Making the list be on the page/flow which the user is viewing would be better. Well, I think.

So looking at THIS screen shot:
The two msg nodes you can see and the third one is off screen. Fair enough.

But there are two boxes with the red lines are also unclear to what they do.
Ok, maybe if I look/read they will be explained. But it isn't that it is "space limited" to not be "explained" what they do.

The ORANGE box around the area is also interesting.
It can't be resized further down the screen. Ok, it isn't critical, but it seems strange that the viewable size is limited to the vertical size when there is nothing below the window stopping it from being extended.



What about a simpler name like "custom selection" or even just "custom" ?
I think it would make sense in the context: all nodes / custom / current flow

BTW, I also expected the "selected nodes" to display messages output by the nodes that were selected in the flow view. Why not adding this functionality as we already had a name for it ? ("selected nodes")