DEBUG window suggestion

In light of information given to me here:

There seems - to me - a problem.

You are working on a tab and have selected the debug to display only message from that tab to reduce being overwhelmed my any other messages......

But the messages displayed are being wiped because the messages from other tabs - which are not being displayed - are pushing the ones you want to see off the screen.

To me that is not helpful.

Disable the other debug nodes. There is no point having loads of debug nodes active, you are just wasting bandwidth and CPU.

Well, yes and no.

And I kind of hear what you are saying.

But to me the filtering is being done too late in the scheme of things.

I leave the debug nodes active as they are key points in that tab's layout and if I need to debug that tab, it is nice to have those tabs active.

Your way I am going to have to disable all the other nodes on all the other tabs which goes against the benefit/idea of having them filtered.

I get what you are saying. And maybe someone will work out a better debug view in the future if someone has the time and inclination.

For me, I tend to disable the debug nodes if I want to keep the layout and know that I might want them again in the future. Just so that I know they are not sucking up resources. Not perfect but enough.

I don't know if there are plans to improve debug nodes.

In the meantime, here is a suggested approach

It's not the slightest bit elegant but has some advantages

  • You replace all debug nodes with a simple link to a central debug flow (or sublflow?).
  • You can restrict those messages which get displayed according to msg.topic
  • You can allow or prohibit any where msg.topic is not included in the filter list.

Perhaps a better idea is a debug flow with multiple entry links representing debug priority:


Indeed. And I've previously used (and published I think) flows that output debug info to a separate uibuilder web page.

As always, Node-RED has many ways of achieving things.