Highlight debug messages on debug node hover


When your debug console tab contains messages from different debug nodes and you want to read the output of one of them, you can already apply a filter to view only the output of a single node.

Thought this is a viable option, it takes time:
-you should name your debug nodes for easier selection
-you must customize the filtering
-you will not see message in the context of previous and next messages coming from other nodes
-you have to disable filtering once you are done

So the filtering feature makes sense to find a message, but I noticed that most of the time I
prefer up hovering the debug tab until I see the little highlight around the targeted debug node, then clicking the message to inspect its details.

Based on these observations, I would suggest to highlight messages in the debug tab depending on which node is hovered or selected in the flow view (without filtering messages).
It would be much faster in common situations and would not request the user to notice the filtering feature.

If, when clicking on a debug node in the flow, no message from that node are visible in the debug tab, the console could scroll up to show the last message matching that node. When the user clears out the selection by clicking in a blank area, the console could scroll back to the original position.