Visual Debug tracing

When hovering over a debug message in the Debug window, the corresponding Debug node is highlighed with an orange dotted line. This is excellent and very helpful of course.
I am wondering why this does not work the other way around: it would be very helpful if selecting the debug node would highlight the debug messages from that node in the debug pane.


I do name my debug nodes - that helps a little when I've lots of debugs running at once as that shows the name in the output. I do turn the unused ones off which helps a little but agreed it can swamp the display some days.

A filter maybe easier to implement on the display.

Then you move the mouse and the highlighted debug messages are no longer highlighted. Or you have so many that they are highliighted but not visible.

I would add a right click context menu to a debug node or even a function node to set the debug filter to filter out all node messages except this one.

That is why I'm suggesting to highlight the debug messages when the debug node is selected and\or opened, and not on a hover.

A filter means you have to type in the node name, which is cumbersome. Let's make this easy to use as well..

OK so select the debug node by a single click.
It likes to stay selected (red outline) even if you click on an inject button or scroll around the debug pane or clear the debug pane. That is good.

Now the debug messages in the debug pane should be highlighted. You can scroll around and they will still be highlighted as the debug node is still selected.

That sounds great. I would extend it to include function nodes as they often have node.warn() sprinkled all over them for debug purposes.

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