Debug filter options

Ok there are three options with the debug listings on the right of the screen.

Selected nodes
Current flow.

But when I pick Selected nodes . . . . and only have one debug node, why is it when I take the time looking at the selected nodes list, there are others selected?

How is selected nodes defined?
By picking them in the list, or CTL clicking on them in the edit window?

Just wanting to be sure.

Here's a couple of scree shots.

See how I have the ONE node selected - green.

Looking at the list, it starts way back at the first window/dashboad/what ever and has some/a node selected there.

Scrolling down a bit (but not to the tab shown) you see others selected (ticked).

Sorry, what did I miss?

nothing - the list is a list of all your debug nodes - they are separated into tabs/flows so you can expand/shrink and enable/disable a whole page at a time of you wish. Up to you.

That's ok.

I just wondered if by selecting them by drag slecting, CTL clicking on the nodes, that would constitute selecting the nodes.

It seems silly to me, that (say)
I am working on a bit of stuff.

I have to scroll through all the nodes selecting them.

Then next time I want to get the selected nodes while working on another problem, I first have to deselect the previously selected ones.

Yeah, ok. If they are on different tabs. Fair enough. Just wanted to check.

Have a button to deselect all the selected nodes.
(Though if you have to go through all the tab lists anyway.... But it may help deselecting previously selected ones quicker.)