Achieving Debug Window Unity Utopia?

I don't know about others, but I am always setting up debug nodes to see if I can catch some message here or there.

Sometimes I'll nip off to make coffee and my laptop will go to sleep, then I'm annoyed that I've missed the debug message once I re-open Node-RED admin.

Or I'll transfer from one device to another and the contents of the debug window are not the same.

Is there a way to achieve a state of Debug Window Unity Utopia, eg with some plugin?

If not, I wonder whether this has ever been considered as a feature for Node-RED? That is, for the debug sidebar to show all debug messages since it was last cleared, not just the ones that came through when you happened to have your browser open?

In that situation (trying to catch something) I generally send it to the Console, then look back through the log to see what happened.

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That's a good idea. Maybe I can design a dashboard version that reads logs and displays them with paging and some fancy functions like copy / paste values, collapse messages, filtering etc.

(I'm too lazy to SSH in and tail the logs!)

Or of course there is the flogger node, which I have also used for similar situations.

Agree with Colin, if you have a specific requirement, use a specific logging node.

Or you could set up your own custom log and send it all to Telegram! (probably don't do that - but hey, whatever). :slight_smile:

Why would you close it? :wink:

No one likes using Safari for that long?

(yes, I took one for the team :wink: )

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Or at all, a point well made :rofl:

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