Flow Keeps Running After Delete. I can't stop it

I created a flow to test something and then deleted it. But every time I restart node-red, this deleted flow is running. However, there is no tab for the flow. It is as if it is running in the background. How do I stop it? I looked at the flows JSON file and it is listed in there (tracked it by the ID from the debug) but it says it is saved as a file. Which I found and deleted the file. I restarted and again there it is running. Please help anyone.

I think if you upgrade to the latest version of node red it should recover the invisible flows and allow you to delete them properly.
Edit: first check in Configuration Nodes from the hamburger menu whether you have any unused config nodes there. Delete them if you do.

Thank you. Thanks to another posting on a running flow, I found that one of my disabled flows had not been deployed as disabled and was still running.
Appreciate the help.