My Flows are gone

After not being able to deploy my new Flow, all of my flows were gone. I still have the Backup data of my flows. What should i do now? Had anyone the same problem yet?

What happened? why were you not able to deploy. What did you see on screen?
Can you go to your .node-red directory and run ls -la, then post either a screenshot or copy/paste the results.
Also if you stop node-RED, then restart it and copy the node-RED log here also.

When posting logs, flows or code in the forum, please read this first about how to do so, otherwise the forum software will change your upload.

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Dear Paul,
Thank you for your answer i already fixed it:).

I was working on a project, editing my function node after that i was not able to deploy… already had that problem once so i wanted to delete the whole flow where the problem was taking part —> all of the flows were gone (because i made a mistake deleting the wrong file) so i got kinda nervous and wasnt able to import my backup (saved before deleting) because i was very nervous and not able to think clear… but now its working again. Long Story short…it was my mistake and i was kinda „dumb“

We've all been there :laughing:

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