Flow library Node Types

I recently experimented with subflow possibilities and how far the core nodes can bring you. Pretty far it turns out. As I found the result quite useful I also published the flow on the Flows library. Unfortunately not all nodes are recognized as core Node Type. Of course not a big thing, normally not an issue at all, just this time had my goal set to stick on the core track. Maybe a known issue with the library code, or perhaps I have messed with somthing?

The flow is tagged with opcxml

Known issue - not got around to updating the list of core nodes the flow library knows about. In fact, it is very out of date....

If you wanted to pull-request an update to the list, its right here: https://github.com/node-red/flow-library/blob/30b3f2857ece6272b82c4aab0dcf79580d0356a8/routes/flows.js#L14

Already known, good. A bit out of my comfort zone... but I will give it a look.

Well there we go, a pull request created

Thanks for the direct link to the list! Worked well as an appetizer to get me started.

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