Flow does not see config

Does anyone can give me some hint why my library is not correctly seen?
I have normal nodes and 1 config node for them. Problem is that Node-RED gives me some error after deploying config. This is how it looks like for now:

Have a look at the node-red log. It will have a more specific error before the one that tells you that the node hasn't been started.

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Thanks for some hint. With logging set to trace I have:

So Im still not sure what to do but now have some tip.

No, the error will be earlier than that.

If there is no error, then you have misconfigured the node it is complaining about.

Thanks, it gave me clue what to do. It said something about registered so I changed code related to

  RED.nodes.registerType("xxxconfig", xxxConfigNodeConstructor);  

and for now it disappeared :slight_smile:

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