Flow.nodered.org down

@knolleary ,

Could you please have a look at flows.nodered.org, which seems to be down. From time to time I got a also warning that the hostname of the certificate was invalid ...


Working fine for me Bart

Looks fine to me. I'll check the logs later to see if there was any interruption that healed itself.

This is what I get

That is very strange. Is anyone else seeing that?

I've just checked with the domain registrar for nodered.org and it shows it is fully verified with ICANN and there haven't been any recent changes.

I just got this:

It's ok to me

Worked my way down the technology stack and it looks like a DigitalOcean issue - DigitalOcean Status - app URLs not resolving correctly from some locations

I get this in Belgium:


But if it works for the most of the users, then don't ruin your saturday evening on it!!!!! I can wait a few days. No problem ...

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Also down for me. Site is unreachable.

Site is down in Canada

Just to repeat, there is a known DigitalOcean outage. It is out of our hands. Sit back, enjoy the sun.


Enjoying sauna.

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It's back in the UK.

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There is a song there somewhere.


Well given that the USSR no longer exists ...

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