Unable to reach https://nodered.org/

Hello Folks,

We have one server at our organization that cannot reach nodered.org. Other machines like user desktops have no issue. Is it possible that the external IP of that server is blocked? Who can I contact to confirm?


Not likely.

Can this "server" actually contact the internet?

What happens if you ping some known IPs like ping or ping from a command prompt on the server?

Yes, it can go to other sites. Can even go to https://flows.nodered.org/
I can't actually ping as ICMP is blocked at the firewall. I was just asking the "blocking question" on behalf of our firewall fella's who are stumped at the moment. nodred.org responds with a connection reset error.

Just to be absolutely clear, node-red (the backend running on the server) only needs access to npm for installing nodes - that is all.

The browser where you manage the palette only requires access to the flows library (for showing you what is available)

I thought it important to make this distinction (sorry if you are already aware)

PS, instead of ping, you can make tests on the server using wget or curl to test access to npm

If you have multiple servers/PCs on the same network, connected to the internet, then externally they will all have the same IP address. If nodered.org was blocking the IP then all servers on your network would be blocked.

If the server is on a different local network to the others then try connecting something else to that network and see how it does.

Hi @Neal

We use GitHub Pages to host the site at nodered.org, with CloudFlare handling DNS in front of it.

We don't have any means to block individual IPs like that. So it's hard to suggest anything on our side that could be causing this problem.

Thanks! I'll pass that on to our network folks.


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