Nodered site is blocked india

Do we have any other workaround to access the node-red domain in india

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That is, to be honest, quite disturbing. You could try setting up a VPN.

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That is news to me. Do we have any other users in India who can confirm this?

Facing the same issue. from india.

VPN should be good work around. But I am not supposed to use it in my work place

Thanks Knol for the swift response. We can't access the site from today[12th aug] morning

Also palettes can't be downloaded

It will be really helpful if it's resolved

Unfortunately, if the India government really have blocked our site, then there is very little we can do about it. I haven't been able to find any appeals process. If anyone knows more, then please do let us know.

That said, I have also had replies on twitter that some users in India can still access the site. So I don't know if this is a real ban or a temporary local issue.

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An email or phone call to the office of Dr Garg?

Its odd that the forum isn't blocked, so is ok? (as people can post here) but the main pages and the catalog are both blocked? The difference being those are hosted on github I believe? I wonder if they've blocked sites hosted by github pages and we're collateral damage?

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@Premkumarrtech can you access ? That is also hosted on GitHub pages and would help narrow down the issue. domain is not accessible


@knolleary , below are screenshots of node-red domains accessibility in india

Okay - so that proves the issue is with GitHub hosted sites. I imagine another site hosted there has been blocked and someone has done it via IP rather than DNS so it has taken out everyone else.

So, with a bit of luck it will resolve itself when they realise the issue.

The alternative will be to move the hosting of the site. Whilst we can do that easily enough, I'd rather give it a day or two first to see if it gets resolved centrally.

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As a temporary workaroud for the catalog, you should be able to access the json on the raw github url?

See Bens post Advanced Multi Tenant Node-RED topics – Ben's Place for how to set a custom catalog URL in the settings.js


If you need to access the docs while the site is blocked the simplest is probabbly to look at the markdown files in GitHub directly at master · node-red/ · GitHub

You could also download the source and run a local copy of the site but thats probabbly a lot more hassle for what should hopefully be a short term issue.

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Thanks @sammachin , now I can access the palates list based on your workaround

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Now, based on @sammachin workaround to change catalogue.json url. we can using install palette feature.. However, It will be grateful if the domain block issue resolved for regular use of node-red

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If this is a DNS issue, have you tried using a different DNS service? Especially one that supports encrypted DNS lookups.

Ah, I see that the followup tweet to that one mentioned above advises exactly this :slight_smile: