How to access nodered with hostname?

I've nodered deployed on server there I'm able to access nodered in browser with ip address like "" but not with hostname(uri) ".xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ"

Do we have any property or configuration where we can define if nodered has to be accessed with ip address or hostname?

What you are talking about is DNS (domain name service), DNS is a network service run either on a local server or global. Node red has nothing to do with that particular function it is handled on a OS basis. If you are on a local network your admin can add a record (if there is a local DNS server) otherwise it gets real complicated fast. Research DNS for more info.

Don't think this is a NR issue, but more a (local) DNS entry that has to be made.
Have a look at the reply from Colin in this thread, maybe this can help you.

Not in Node-RED. As others have said, this is a DNS issue, not one for Node-RED. If you explain more about what you are trying to achieve, we can probably help further.

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