Flow screen shot


Is there a way to take a screen shot (or lack of description) and make a png or pdf that can be legible?

As screen print or the likes can not do it on large flows.

Edit: Yes it is a bit of spaghetti code

This is probably not what you want but in the bottom right of the editor is a +0- which will shrink, expand or set to the default view. So you could shrink till the whole flow is seen then do a screen print.

[edit] now that my head is back on my shoulders I realize that that is what you probably did to get your image so, ’never mind’ :flushed:

It depends on your OS and browser ..
but for me i found out that with Firefox you can press Ctrl-Shift-M to go into Responsive Design Mode
which is like an emulation of how the page would look on tablets and mobile phones. This mode gives you the option to set a desired resolution (set something really high like 3000 x 4000) and then click on the camera icon on the upper right corner to take a high res screeshot of the viewport .. so you can print, frame and hang on the wall :wink:


You could separate out that flow into several tabs. You could then take several screenshots zoomed in.

It may also have the advantage of organising your flow a little better.

There are various ways to capture the whole screen, including Firefox's inbuilt screenshot button.
If I use it to capture this page it sort of works, though the page header ends up half way down the image:

But if I try it on the editor page (Node-Red on a Raspberry Pi, Firefox on Windows) it only captures the visible part. What's the difference, something to do with the web server? Can the editor page be tweeked to allow full screen capture?

Thanks this works for me.

Yes I could, but I want it for demonstrating how flow is working, I know this makes it a spaghetti code

Play a bit with the setting and cropping afterwards, it does not look to shabby at all.


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