FlowFuse with real PLC

I have a question on FlowFuse to connect with real PLC.
Does FlowFuse have to be installed locally in some PC to connect with real PLC running locally?

I tried FlowFuse free edition to connect with an Omron PLC via OPC UA or EtherNet/IP, but it was not successful. FlowFuse instance seems not to send out any packets to the local Ethernet.

Hi. If the server that you installed FlowFuse on has access to the network where the PLC is connected, there is no reason this would not work. I have personally connected instances with PLC hardware myself.

Can you explain a little more about how you installed FlowFuse? A block diagram showing the major components like networks and PLC connectivity would also help us understand your environment.

@zackwasli perhaps a chat with the OP could help clarify their needs?

Thank you for the comment.
I just use the FlowFuse free trial through a browser without any special installation, so I suppose FlowFuse runs on the FlowFuse cloud.

On this case, the node application cannot reach to the device, right?

I am successful to connect the local PLC with Node-RED that is installed locall in the PC. So the node application would not be a reason.

That is correct.

In FlowFuse, there is a concept for edge installations called "Devices". This puts Node-RED inside your LAN but provides secure management and access from your FlowFuse account.

Its all pretty simple.

  • You install the Device Agent at the edge (in this case, your laptop)
    • In a production situation, this of course would be a dedicated device like a VM, a docker image, a Raspberry Pi, a NUC or any type of edge device that suits your needs
  • You add a device on FlowFuse & copy the quick connect command
  • Paste that into a terminal & then follow the instructions.
  • Add flows to your edge device


Here is a very quick demo (this is not sped up)


Once you have setup an edge device, you have secure internal edge access to your LAN connected hardware.

Here is some additional annotation on your image:

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Thank you for the great comment and advice! I will try that way tomorrow.

I have now successed to connect the PLC from FlowFuse via OPC UA by installing the Device Agent! Thank you very much for the advice.

The next challenge is to watch PLC data with dashbord. I am not able to see any dashbord from the dashbord function on the editor for the device.

I wonder if there is additional procedure to make the dashbord for the device.