Flows don't restart after deploying when using custom context store

Hi all,

I have created a custom context storage module to store the context in S3 server.
But when I use the custom context store with Node RED by configuring it in the settings.js file,
the flows don't restart after deployment.
To explain in more detail, when I start node RED with the custom configuration, the flows work properly. But when I make any changes to the flows using the editor and deploy the flows, they don't restart after deployment, even though i get a message that says "Successfully Deployed". When I try to trigger the inject node, I get an error that says "Error: Node not deployed".
Even in the console, I only get the following logs:
"Stopping flows"
"Stopped flows"
But no logs that say "starting flows".
When I use the built-in context store (memory or localfilesystem), the deployment works properly.

Please help.

Thanks and regards.

Please check that the inject node you are trying to trigger is not in a disabled flow. Changes in a disabled flow are allowed and can be "deployed" but trying to trigger an inject in a disabled flow will always result in the "Error: Node not deployed" message.