Flows gets updated and saved after deploying


Can anyone help me out with how and what is the process? When a user creates a flow and deploys it.

In other words,
Once after user deploys the flows, it appears in the user directory as flows_flow_name.json, all the flows get stored in one JSON file.
I would like to know how all flows get saved in one file after deployed, the process behind it

What do you mean by 'the process behind it"? Do you mean the admin api calls that are made by the editor or what?

I mean when the flows are deployed,how the flow file is generated in the user directory

do you really want to know the full process from converting the graphical elements into JSON and how it is transmitted and how it is writtten to file and how the runtime loads the JSON into node ready for execution?
or do you want to emulate the transmission of your own flows without using the editor?

If you want to know the full process - then look at the source code on github

If you simply want to "do it" (i.e. transmit a flow to your node-red without using the editor), then read the docs and search the forum for "admin api"

@Syedabd - the word 'flow' has many uses. You can link a series of nodes together and that is called a flow. You can have more than one 'flow' in one editor tab, or spread them across many editor tabs.

All those tabs with all your seperate node flows are stored in one flow file when you hit deploy.

I hope that helps.

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