Flows multi-layer directory management

At present, there are more than 300 processes in the project, and the list management flows
mode is quite chaotic.
Hope to improve the way of flows list to multi-layer directory tree management.
And In the top-level tab, you can close the process panel
Click the open button of flow list in the directory(catalog) to display the process in the tab

Are you asking a question here or is this just a list on things you need to do in what ever you are working on? When you say 300 processes do you mean 300 seperate flows, tabs, nodes? it is unclear. What do you mean be the list managenment?

Is this a statement that you are going to create a multi-layer directory tree management for Node-RED?

@cmdares - this is the third time you have opened a thread about the same topic

Did you ever do what Nick asked you to do?

300 flows.
Flow list management mode is quite chaotic.

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