Optimize the flow management panel

At present, the platform has 80 flow and needs to optimize the flow management panel
1、Slow opening speed
2、There is no hierarchy in management

Hope for improvement:

Add close button to each tab
flow can be saved and opened through catalog
Reference example:

That is not Node-RED - what software are you using?

The screenshot is a reference for how other apps do it.

@cmdares when you raised this on the GitHub issue list I asked you to search the the forum for where this has been discussed at length before. Have you done so?

Thank you for your attention.
old topic: Flow multi-level management
I have asked similar questions before, but I didn't express them clearly, so I created a new one and described it as carefully as possible. As I said, a large number of flows need to be managed more reasonably.
I hope my suggestion can be adopted.

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