Flows Starting without login

I have enabled authentication in node-red, But I assume according to development, flows are getting started before login and keeps running after logout.
Is this correct behavior?
If yes then is there any way to stop this behavior?

Yes. Node-RED runs the flows regardless of whether any editor is currently connected.

There is no built-in way to stop this behaviour - it's the fundamental way of how NR works.

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Can you explain what you are using node red for that requires this?

I got that.
One more question I have, Can I get logout event inside any Node(I mean Node's javascript file)?

If running Node-RED as a service, then it will be running all the time in the background.

You can stop and start the service manually or don't run it as service and just start and stop it from the command line (Which is the way I do it)

There are no events in the runtime for anything related to the editor.