Flows stopped due to missing node types. Check logs for details

Nothing new except ...

I imported a flow from the store, and there were a couple of missing nodes. I couldn't be bothered to install them as they weren't the ones I was interested in. So, before I DEPLOYed them I deleted them from the editor. On the next DEPLOY NR stopped with the above message.

How is that possible if I didn't deploy them?

Rather than getting the message above, can this scenario be handled with a bit more sympathy, meaning asking if you want to delete them at that point?


Did you open the configuration nodes sidebar and delete any unknown nodes from there as well?

Now you tell me :rofl:

Sorry, it's been a while since I used NR. :exploding_head:

Thank you sir. I will try to use NR more often.

Also, when you deployed, you would have got a notification in the deploy popup saying unused configuration nodes. It is worth watching for that when deploying after removing stuff.

If you had used Undo (Ctrl+Z) to undo the import then it would have removed the config nodes also.

Thanks Colin, duly noted. I will increase my diet of NR to ensure these things never happen again.

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