Flying a Tello Drone via Node-Red Dashboard and PYTHON


as a university project I am thinking about buying a Tello Drone and flying it via a Node-Red Dashboard. I have already found a module in the node-red palette GitHub - johnwalicki/Node-RED-Tello-Control: Node-RED flows to control the Ryze Tello Drone

A Basic Dashboard idea i added as a picture here.

Thing is, I would rather controll the drone with self-written Python code. There is a tello module in python which you can download. Also I want to have specific Buttons in the Dashboard, like "land". There I want to implement an AI, which searches for the landingplace (a big "H" on the ground). I have seen a lot of people on youtube flying the drone via python. but nobody with python, combined with node-red

Im an absolute newbie in Node-Red. So my question: Is it possible to use a node-red dashboard and Link python code behind the buttons? So if i click an "up" button, the drone executes python code and goes up?

Thanks in advance!!!!


The guys from the github project are excellent experts. Why not using their work instead of redoing it in python ? Can’t you do the stuff you want to do not in node-red using the github project ?

hey (:slight_smile:
as i said i wanted to add features, like a AI-based landing. These aren implementable with the given Nodes

It is not exactly clear what the python part will do but

  • in node-red you can use an exec node to launch the python program.
  • You can also write a python program that listens to an MQTT topic and send the control commands in node-red to this MQTT topic. Instead of MQTT you can use other ways of communication (TCP sockets,....).
  • also look in the node-red flows library for search string “python”. Maybe there are good nodes for easy integration with python.

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