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Hi there, I've been using NodeRed for almost everything now. Since I have a server running, I send almost everything to it and deploy. Fast curve of development. Mainly with sensors and IoT.

However, I'm facing a peculiar condition. I'm developing a control system for a 4-stroke engine. The 4-stroke need, almost, real time dashboard. I went straight to NodeRed. However, in the field, I don't have access to my server. Besides, the computer available is not so good.

I also need to hardwire the sensors to the computer.

Is there a way to use NodeRed, besides Docker, which has a minimum installation, bare bones, to build a dashboard? Something like a AppImage, portable app or alike?

I will use python for almost everything. After that, I will send data to the NodeRed dashboard, and receive some command controls. I don't need most of the nodes. I don't feel comfortable to install a lot of stuffs in a bad pc with things that I don't need.

(4-stroke) --> Sensors --> (UART, RS485, CAN) --> PC --> Dashboard (NodeRed) --> PC --> (UART, RS485, CAN) --> Actuators

Why not use a local Raspberry Pi with Node-RED on it? Low cost, low(ish) power. Run it with Rasbian with no desktop, install node.js and npm install node-red. Or even don't bother with Node-RED locally if you are happy with Python. But perhaps send via MQTT?

I have a lot of common voltage loop in the engine. In the past, I tried to power a raspberry from it and it froze from time to time, that is why I need to use this old notebook.

Indeed I can add more hardware, but I'm not sure if it will speed or slow down development. In fact, my servos are bouncing now, and I will start debug with a dashboard and some digital data. This is why I'm looking for alternatives.

Hard to say more without knowing more about what you need to control in the engine.

To fix the local Pi power issues, you would want a battery or super-cap and charging circuit - or a good power circuit - to completely divorce the power loop from the Pi.

If you need better control than a remote Node-RED instance, I'd say that you need to move more of the logic into local processing but again that either means a local Pi or a local microprocessor such as an Arduino. An MPS would give you a lot better "real-time" control for sure than any SBC but is likely to be harder to program unless your C++ skills are up to it.

Indeed vehicle power supplies are often very “noisy”. Best thing would be to get a proper power supply designed for auto use eg with a 9 to 34v input. You can try homebuilt but for the 40 quid or so it’ll stop frying your pi or whatever. I've used these before with good results - - store - power supplies

I'm modding a single cylinder 3kW generator to use butane as fuel. I'm using STM32F103 to do real time stuffs, however I just want a visual feedback of the system. A dashboard with gauges, sliders and so on. That is why I was considering NodeRed.

Well this guy did something neat in 2016 Hovercraft Instrumentation – Itinerant Ham

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