Looking for direction


so i've been playing with node red, and have sensors displaying information on a web gui. is there a way to have a pi 3 a+ at flash up just display and node red dashboard with out a web browser?

any sort of direction would be nice,


If you want to use the standard node-red dashboard then you must run a browser.

Search for kiosk mode to get full exclusive browser config

This might help as well.... It allows you to call up the display in Chrome on your desktop so that it has the same properties as the Official Raspberry 7" Touch Display.

That way your Dev Testing environment on your PC shows you how it will appear on the 7" Touch Display when you deploy it (useful for me as some of my Raspberry Pis are physically located in other areas away from my office and I don't want to always have to walk over to them to see the effect of Dashboard changes).

that is amazing, it's helping alot in getting it setup. thank-you!

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