How to permanently display Node-RED dashboard

I am using Node-RED on a raspberry Pi with a small screen. I want to make it so the Node Red dashboard is the only thing that is displayed even when it is turned off and on again. Please let me know if this is possible. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

You should investigate "Kiosk" modes for the Pi. That should point you in the right direction.

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Thank you so much!!

You will always get the start up / splash screen on the Pi before the OS and application starts.

There are a few posts about replacing part of this with your own logo (e.g. this one) but I am not sure if this will work under Bookworm and Weyland or not.

If you are running Bookworm you also need to check if you are using Wayland or X11 - the start up files you need to change are totally different. X11 will use 'autostart' while Wayland will use 'wayfire.ini'.

A guide to start up programs can be found in Github - GitHub - thagrol/Guides (boot.pdf) but you will need to research the best method for you browser.

Note none of the above apply if you are using anything other than the Raspberry Pi OS :smile:


Awesome thanks!!

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