RPI display, automatic opening of dashboard

Hi All,

I have some flows and a dashboard running on a RaspberryPi. For the deployement of this solution I am looking for a solution that 'opens' the browser in full screen mode at localhost:1880/ui.

This script / software should be run directly on powering up the Pi. I am currenlty running raspian but I am not bound to that.

Does anyone have experiences with a stable solution?

Although only tenuously linked to node-red (cheeky cheeky) - I will give you a start - search the internet for "kiosk mode linux" or "boot to kiosk raspberry pi".

Example: https://desertbot.io/blog/raspberry-pi-touchscreen-kiosk-setup


This link is helpful as well:

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Kiosk.. that's the golden word I was looking for.

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