NODE "client machine

Hi There

Im new with NODE RED, but managed to put toghether a basic dashboard that uses Raspberry PI's GPIO port for in/out ports.
It might be a dump question but I just can't get my head around it. So I would have a main "server" raspberry pi connected to inputs and otputs, my NODE RED flow processes them and puts it on the dashboard. I would need other 2 or 3 Pis with touch screen on them to reach that dashboard as a KIOSK when booting up. Is there a done red "client"as such to install on those PIs? Or I have to install the full version I just installed on the "server" ?
Is there a gued how I can set up the clients to boot up with the NODE RAD dashboard ?

Thanks a lot!

You view the Node-red dashboard or editor using a browser, that's all. The URL is the Node-red machine's hostname or IP address and port 1880
For example or mypi:1880/ui

Google for how to run the Raspberry Pi in kiosk mode.

It has make sense. Thanks.

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