Is there a way to display dash board on other devices?

I am using a raspberry pi 3b+ to run the node red server and i was wondering if i could display the dashboard on my laptop. All my devices are using the same network and my laptop has node red installed

I recently got into node red for a school project and am a beginner at this.

Hi @seahyihern

if your laptop is on the same network, then you can open the Dashboard running on your Pi in the browser on your laptop. Open the url http://<ip-address-of-your-pi>:1880/ui

i have tried that but i think i might be doing that wrongly i am putting http://127.0.01:1880/ui into my laptop's browser but if i am not wrong i am supposed to find my pi's local ip by typing (arp -a) into cmd and i get image this shows only 2 devices if im not wrong and i have tried putting both ip addresses into it and it doesnt work.

Enter ip config in the cmd to see your IP.

If the IP on the 2nd Pc is in the same range (or it is routed) then you can open the dashboard as Nick suggested http://YOUR_IP_HERE:1880/ui

my server is running of a rasberry pi so using ip config doesnt work is there another way?

Try ipconfig

or ifconfig

(Google is your friend)

sorry my bad i googled it right after and did not say anything.

I got the same ip address when i typed arp -a into my cmd for my laptop i think it might be another issue like maybe firewall as i have been looking on line this is what i get for when i enter the link

If you are trying to get the ip off the raspberry
hostname --I (dash capital i)
Off of windows ipconfig

thanks found my ip address but it still doesnt show on my laptop

Can your laptop ping the PI at that IP address?

wait never mind it works thanks so much honestly thanks

Possibly you were trying to use https instead of http.

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