Followup: How to make money from a Node-RED node?

Two years ago I posted the thread How to make money from a Node-RED node?.

Do we have any progress here? Maybe some experiences in licensing nodes or professional services around nodes?

I have seen just one approach to explicitly make money out of a node:

Are there more? Maybe combined models out of commercial support, onetime-pricing, reccured payments,...

This topic is getting more attention the bigger NodeRED gets. And commercial usage with maybe few installations require some cashflow from users to developers which is different to community driven models.

In this thread I do not care about technical licencing issues but about experiences of developers.

How do you make money out of your Node-RED nodes?

I won't answer in too much detail, as monetising my (any off my) software is not a priority of mine.

But quickly on the technical part: There is the ability to create Native NodeJS modules, and one can develop the licensing logic in a compiled binary that will be used by the Node Runtime.

As for monetising, whilst I don't charge for use (or Evan support).
I do offer sponsorship plans.

I do this with the tier approach:
my top tier, actually allows enterprises to request a feature specific to their needs (and it will be developed), whilst the 2nd from top allows 1-1 installation and help, and bottom tiers just grants them a little more response.

Each tier increase adds a certain level of benefits on top of the others.

As an example: I am aware of a managed office company using my nodes, and they don't pay a penny, if they suddenly need a feature specific to their needs, the request will be reviewed, and be treated like any other feature request (subject to me rejecting it - if its of no benefit to others)

if they were a sponsor of mine however (on the top tier) their request will be granted (providing its not harmful of course and doesn't detract away from the goals of the software :sweat_smile: )

I use Github sponsorship to do this, something to consider maybe?


GitHub sponsorship is US based I believe (certainly for the UK it is) which is a major pain since you have to send off proof of local residence (e.g. passport) to the US Embassy in order to get your US Tax forms. I've filled in everything but I can't send off my passport as I need it.

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