Force node-red to English?



I am in the process of moving my node-red from a raspberry installation into a docker container on a more powerful machine.
I got the container up and running, still need to migrate data. But what struck me first is that it appears localised (German) which I don't like at all. How can I force it to appear in English?





Thanks! Maybe that was introduced in a newer version because my raspberry still runs an older one.
Changing language priorities in the browser helped.



I got the same problem as jaeti01 after I upgraded to Node-RED to 0.2. I am using chrome browser. Changed the language of the browser to English but Node-Red-Editor is still in German. If you are used to English it is very annoying to get it in German :-(.



We only introduced the German translations in 0.20. We assumed it would be a welcome contribution, but it has generated a surprising amount of negative feedback.

Previously we only had English, Japanese and Chinese translations - so there had never been a request for the editor to ignore the user's own preferred language (as the browser identifies) and provide it in another one.

In the short term, we will provide a option via the settings file to force it to a particular language.
In the long term, we will add an option in the editor itself to set the preferred language.

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Actually changing the language order in chrome solved it for me.
And i appreciate the effort of translation. It’s more my personal preference to have development environments in English.