Node-RED spanish locale

Hey there
Our names are Mauricio and Franco and We'd love to translate Node-RED to spanish. Both of us are native spanish speakers.
The file led us here! Is there anything We need to know or should We just create a new locale folder, translate everything and submit a pull request?


basically yes please - there are of course multiple locale files in order to update all of it - eg the actual node config panel label, side bar info, etc - but I'm sure you'll find them. If you raise a PR - mark it as draft to start with so we can try to get it reviewed.

We do have a small utility - GitHub - node-red/i18n-viewer - that some may find useful for helping to see them side by side - but as the readme notes it doesn't help much with actual editing...

To add to what @dceejay said, as a general policy, we need any translation contribution to be reviewed by another native speaker of the language as we cannot review it ourselves very easily.

Also don't try to do it all in one go as there is a lot of content to translate. I would suggest starting with editor.json as that is the main UI content and go from there.

Come say hi in the #core-dev channel of our slack ( and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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