[Translation Contribution] Spanish

Another attempt at Spanish translation. If someone could have a look and review it would be great!


Thanks @joebordes

I have recategorised this post, and updated the title - hope you don't mind.

Welcome and thanks for the contribution

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Adding here steps to test the translation in case that makes it easier for someone to have a look.

git clone https://github.com/node-red/node-red.git nredes
cd ndredes
git checkout -b validate-es-es
git pull https://github.com/joebordes/node-red.git joebordes/i18n_001
npm install
grunt dev

instead of grunt dev you can also npm build and npm start

then access the application, go to the Menu > Settings and choose Spanish (Spain), reload. The application should be in es-ES.

Ask for any help you may need.

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Thanks @joebordes

Have requested the PR checks to re-trigger

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