Italian language translation

my name is Gabriele and I am Italian.
I have been using Node-RED since version 0.17.x and have already created some nodes.
I would like to make a further contribution by starting the Italian translation.
How many Italians are there in this community? Is anyone available to review and / or help?

Is it necessary to make a single PR with all the translations (editor / runtime / common-nodes), or do you also accept a separate PR only for the editor?


Hi @gablau

A pr that just covers the editor would be a great starting point and very welcome.

Argh....I have view now this post

I have a beta version of translation

@dceejay I have a question for the runtime translation file.... In this file...the translation is ok...after the start..but the first start is even in english. I want only a confirmation that is correct. (for example the welcome in the shell)


apologies - I'm not understanding your question... If you have a translation file(s) great ! - once installed they are used based on the user browser settings - though I think there is an override to force it if necessary (I can't recall if that got implemented). There are no prompts to select.

Hi, I send you a picture. When I start node-red....the language is set in english.

When is run and I deploy (all or flow or node), I view a translation correctly.

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