French translations for Node-RED - call for help

Hi all, @GogoVega has very kindly raised pull requests for bringing French translations to the node-red editor and nodes.

Unfortunately, my French is pas très bien & we cannot merge changes without peer review.

Are there any users fluent in Node-RED and French willing to help out?

It is pretty simple to do. Here is a 3 minute video to help you if you are not familiar with doing code reviews...

These are the Pull Requests that need reviewing...

@SebCanet @tilleul I see you have both commented on one or more related threads (e.g. Language selection)
Would you be able to provide a review on these translation pull requests?

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I am French. I believe I am fluent in French too :slight_smile:
I had a quick look at the PR. First look, it seems to be very good French. I'll have a further look. When would you need the review?


That would be great. Thanks very much.

Considering we had hoped to get 3.1 out by now, imminently ;). There is likely to be 1 or 2 beta releases of 3.1 so if you can do the code reviews within the next week I think that could do it.

More likely next weekend. I am in a business trip the entire week.


I've just tried to have a look at all this translations, I hope my comments will help. I'm not sure for all sentences, due to MAJ or not, plurial or not, in Node-RED use.
As technology teacher, I tried to modify some sentences to make it understandable by newbies, hope this will have sense.


Did my bit too. Hope this helps. Overall great job from @GogoVega !!


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