Form Submit Button triggering

Hello, I need to use a Change node to trigger ui_form Submit button. I can initialize form field using a Change node configured as "set msg.payload to {"FormItemValue":true/false}" but when the flow is restarted, I need to click on the form Submit button each time to have the values set. I would have like to Submit automatically using a timestamp injection once after reloaded.
Any idea?

You can use an inject node set to execute at start up.

Also, the ui_control can be used to detect a new connection to dashboard.

Thanks Steve. What I need is a method or syntax to have an ui_form "Sumbit" button programmaticaly clicked using change node, like I do to control other type f node integrated function. As an example: I use change node configured witch "set msg.reset" to "true" to reset trigger node timer to 0. So I need something like "Set msg.submit to "true" linked to the ui_form node. I hope it is enough understandable (french speaker!)

I don't think it is possible.

However, you could simulate that by using the individual text inputs and a button.

Link the text inputs to a change node & store the user input in flow or global context, then when you need the values, you can grab them with a change node or function node from context.

Good avenue, I know that It would be working but wanted to avoid re coding for laziness reason!

We'll you could use a ui_template + script that triggers the click event of the submit button but I suspect that will be more difficult for you.

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