Input Numeric sent on Button click

Hello Folks,

I am trying to find a way to make a UI interface on node red where I input a numeric value into the text input node then only send such when you click a submit button or slider being on.

I couldn`t find an example on the forum nor elsewhere...

Anyone have any good ideas how to go around this?

Thank you,


It has been covered many times in the forum. Have a browser through the dashboard category and node-red flows pages

arrange 2 flows like this...

  1. UI_TEXT --> CHANGE node (set flow.UserInput to msg.payload)
  2. UI_BUTTON --> CHANGE node (set msg.payload to flow.UserInput)


  1. Use ui_form

The versions I have found on the forum look at how to set a value in stored using non UI nodes or their own buttons etc. My question was how to only use the UI nodes available.

Have a look at the ui_form node, which may do what you want.

Hi Colin, yes so I`ve been using the UI form- its very good, although annoyingly if I am inputting a number , say 345 with a name % it changes this into a {"%" :345}.

How would I be able to make a function that turns the msg.payload from {"%" :345} to purely 345?

Read the node-red docs page working with messages and it shows you how to get the path to a property in the debug pane so you can use that in a Change node. Also change the Name field in the form config to use something other than "%" so that the property name is not a special character so that it is easier to access. You can leave the Label at % as that is what appears on the form.

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