Get Value Numeric Input

Hello, how can I get with a button the value registered in numeric input?

Try this...

Input > change node (store msg.payload into flow.myInput)

Button > change node (set msg.payload to value of flow.myInput) > debug

Very good. Thank you.

hello, how can i do that with two numeric nodes and one button please ?

Input1 → change node (store msg.payload into flow.myInput1)
Input2 → change node (store msg.payload into flow.myInput2)
Button → change node (set msg.payload1 to value of flow.myInput1)
Button → change node (set msg.payload2 to value of flow.myInput2) → to your node(s)

then use msg.payload1 and msg.payload2 wherever you need to?

In future, please open a new thread & link to the old thread if necessary.


thank you very much it worked fine .
i'm sorry for that .