Formatting issues with Javascript

Hello friends, I'm using WeatherAPI to reach out and retrieve some data from a specific location.
Amongst this data being retrieved, is

The value for is returned as a integer from 1-360.
I'm trying to convert this integer into a direction (North) upon the given value.

I'm trying to make this happen with an "IF" statement and a compare statement.

something along the lines like,

If (msg.payload.wind.deg.) >=346 <=15
(msg.payload.wind.deg) = "N"

H, welcome to the forum.

Why have you dived straight into a function node?

You can do with with the built in no-code nodes - in particular, the switch node.

if you MUST, then the JS would be along the lines of:

if (msg.payload.wind.deg >=346 || msg.payload.wind.deg <=15) {
   msg.payload.wind.dir = "N"
} else if (msg.payload.wind.deg > 15 && msg.payload.wind.deg <=30) {
  msg.payload.wind.dir = "NNE"
} else {
  // etc etc
return msg;
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Why do you have a period after deg?

Thank you for the help!

That was a typo, Apologies.

@Kushman Or even easier use node-red-contrib-compass (node) - Node-RED


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