Forum etiquette suggestions


I've just returned from travel (off the net) to face a large backlog of unread posts on the forum. Two things would have been a great help in deciding which messages to read first or read carefully. First, when a poster flags his/her issue as "solved," those seeing the post for the first time will know that help is not urgently needed and can come back later only if the topic is of interest. Second, users sometimes ask for help with a problem that turns out to be "trivial" (except to the poster, of course). Examples are syntax or typographical errors. If the original post were edited to reflect this, one might save a lot of time and mental effort in reading through the thread. Obviously, these practices are purely voluntary, but I would be generous in handing out "likes" to anyone I notice using them.


I agree,

We do have some generic categories that helps like Dashboard but sometimes the granularity of the others are not "fine" enough. I think

Personally, I would appreciate if the topic title could start or include an "indicator" showing what technology or domain being covered & discussed. Like starting with key words Z-Wave, MQTT, OneWire, IR, Network, Wemos,,,Webgui, Audio, Weather etc etc

I could then focus on topics where I have competence to help and/or interest to learn