Newbies forum/section?



Wondering if it might be worthwhile breaking down the General section into a Newbies section - sort of a start here and more basic concepts questions type thing so the Gurus are not getting bogged down with basic stuff all the time ?




Don't think we want to create an us and them split - how would you know when you should move across ?


I guess when you started asking more advanced questions. There are a lot on here (and i still count myself as one) who come on and need to be spoonfed (or do not put in enough time and effort to do any research before posting)

I have been amazed how generous all of the senior guys are with their time - particularly reading some of the older posts and the demanding way some people ask questions etc

I have seen on other forums where eventually the senior people drift away because they are sick and tired of being people's mothers over and over again

After someone joins they could be restricted to posting in that area until they have made 10 posts/replies or some other mechanism (or they could accrue points by asnwering peoples posts etc)

Just a thought




we should do a better job of re-tagging "useful" posts as FAQ - then just point users at them...
(happy for others to point to posts for us to reclassify)


Yep that is part of it as well


And even more experienced folk learn from newbie questions. I have to say that, now I'm used to it, I find it MUCH easier to wizz through the new and unread messages in Discourse than it ever was in Google Groups. I'm much less inclined to try and read everything as it is easy to pick out the interesting items and any that don't have any responses to try and make sure that not only am I still learning but that people asking odd questions or at odd times, that others may have missed, don't get left out.

I also think that Discourse has encouraged more engagement overall which is great. Newbies have as much to offer as everyone else as they have often freshly learned something that others may have forgotten. Often a better, simpler way :slight_smile:


Seriously?!? This is the one thing that I dont like about the new forum... it takes 2x the number of page loads to see all the new and unread messages. Google Groups had the left/right navigation buttons (with preview) at the top right that allowed me to jump directly to the next or previous entry:


If I follow the "related" links at the bottom of the page, I end up jumping around in time -- so I always find myself using the browser's Back button to return to the reverse time-sorted list of new entries... ugh.

Please tell me I'm missing some easier trick for navigating through the new posts...


No worries guys - was just a thought that i had when i keep clogging up the general area with questions !!




Don't forget we also have the Node-RED slack channels for "simple" Q&A as well.


I don't think Slack is a place for newbies

Its not even a place for some of us oldies


I think you have it confused with Twitter :wink:


IMO the opposite!
Slack has a limited memory, ie posts are weeded after a certain number of posts....
So, if I ask a stupid question (which I do regularly!!) it soon gets forgotten :wink:
In the forum, embarrassing questions are preserved forever....

Oh yes, and I'm an oldy too :unamused: my avatar image is over 15 yrs old!


The difference is that I stopped trying to read everything. I now look through any threads updated where I commented. Then I take a quick look at the headlines of new posts and look at anything interesting. Lastly I do a quick check down whatever is left. I used to read pretty much every post because my OCD would force me to make everything appear as read. You can't do that in discourse so I've had to train myself to a different way. Now I can review everything - typically in a few seconds - a few minutes if I've been active in a few threads.

Just as well since I don't currently have anywhere near as much time as I did have previously.