Post Templates possible?

Is it possible to use a template in the "general" forum for questions like:

Problem statement

What happens

What should happen


  • node-red
  • node
  • npm
  • browser
  • OS

Flow code

post your flow here


I don't mind helping and/or thinking with OP's but often the information given is so apathetically brief, it requires too much reverse engineering and effort.

I understand and may have contributed to your frustration, but not everything discussed here is a GitHub-style issue. I would worry that the automatic appearance of such a template (if that is what you are suggesting) would discourage new users from posting, especially if they need help finding the information requested, are unclear about the intended behavior of Node-RED, or have difficulty expressing themselves in English. Perhaps a brief note from the moderators to new users, setting out the best way to get assistance, if that is what they need, would be more helpful.

Yes, I agree. A companionable response suggesting more information is generally sufficient and people are normally fairly responsive.

Of course, we seem to be going through another growth period on the forum with lots of new posters so there is always some adjustment, especially when people don't have English as their first language.

I've participated in a great many public forums over the years and I have to say that Node-RED's forums are some of the friendliest I've ever seen. We have a great community here.

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@drmibell @TotallyInformation I don't disagree, but sometimes the questions are 'the sky is blue', please help. And posting flows seems to be a problem too. Some initial self initiative wouldn't hurt the user either, i believe.

I would hesitate to add a template to the general category for the reasons mentioned above. (Indeed we find plenty of users manage to delete/ignore the template we do have on the github issues list...) - but maybe a separate help or problems category that did have a template ? (not looked at how possible that is yet) - but then folk may well not find or use it anyway, plus it's another category for us all to watch.

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Do people watch by category on here? I just look at new posts then clear them once I've looked at the ones I think I need to.

well of course some of us read EVERYTHING...
but amazingly not everyone does.


Having 'another category to follow' doesn't mean more messages to read. For those that do choose individual categories to follow, they may appreciate the ability to filter out some of the calls for help.

Will look at setting something up tomorrow.

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Just create a text file with those questions and when it is needed paste it in. Hmmm I wonder if there is a app that will let me do that....

I am amazed (stunned, actually). And does nothing terrible happen to them? I suppose I could try it...

To revitalise this topic, the other day I registered for "the things network", also discourse forum, when you register, there is a bot that let's you "learn" how to use the forum - before you can open a topic, I found it quite convincing and helpful.

I think it's called "discourse narrative bot", could be helpful here, at least for posting code :wink:

That bot is active here too, it will give you a badge for successfully completing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really ???? hahaha How did I get my badge !?

Or was it not testing the skills for posting code ? :wink:
I see it :smiley: I never finished it here oops

On ttn it was required before you could post.

ah, it's not required here, but the bot will send you a DM message to start it, so that's how you know about it usually. Though posting code is not in it... but things about editing messages, uploading files/photos, and so on are in it. Might be worth checking if it can have custom steps added to it for code.
Although I did notice that only a few people had that badge as completed...

There is a standard Discourse bot that is triggered when you first join any Discourse site. It is quite amusing the first time or two but once you've had to join 4 or 5, it gets very annoying since, if you don't follow it through, you get reduced features - at least for a while.

It's hard to find when you have just dismissed the first message you got from @discobot.:see_no_evil:

There are actually 2 badges. To get the second one ("Licensed"), you have to DM the @discobot
the text: start advanced user.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.